Is Your Weather App Ready for Severe Weather?

Find out!

Weather, Plus Life Saving Information

Weather Apps with RedAlert provide checklists to prepare people for severe weather.


The system designed to prepare people for weather emergencies. Monitor local weather and weather near family and friends.

I had no idea what to do in a tornado warning. The RedAlert checklists prepared me and my family for the storm and guided us afterwards.


Tornado Preparedness
Get Prepared!
Basic Weather Information
A Must for any Weather App
Get Alerts for Remote Locations


What Does RedAlert Provide?

  • Monitor Remote Weather Alerts
    (monitor family, friends, etc.)
  • Built-in Checklists Tell You What to Do in Severe Weather
  • Compatible with all Modern Phones and Computers

This wouldn't have been possible without

  • Red Cross of Eastern MA
  • Boston Innovation Challenge
  • The Weather Underground


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